Introducing East Yorkshire Business Group



Our Story

East Yorkshire Business Group or EYBG was organised around making networking fun again and really creating a format that can work online as well as face to face.
The basics are still same using the simple idea that when we collaborate together, we’re at our best.
We invite you to be your best self; explore, teach, learn, and grow at our event. There’s truly something for everyone to find valuable.

No upcoming events at the moment


7:30 AM


Caffeine Time while eveyone gets logged on!

7:40 AM

Introductions AKA the 29 second round

Some new faces, some quite old! This is the 29 second round just to say who you are and what you do. Do you have a USP? What is your ideal customer?

8:10 AM

5 Minute Presentation Round 1

Let's hear more about you and your businesses.

8:15 AM

Round 1 Questions

Questions on Round 1

8:20 AM

5 Minute Presentation Round 2

Lets hear more about you and your business.

8:25 AM

Round 2 Questions

Questions on Round 2

8:30 AM

Open Discussion

Over to you to raise any questions you may have or ask for advice in different areas.

If you would like to know more, Get in Touch!